A bixi bill that could make you jump!

For a number of reasons, we appreciate our “made in Quebec” bike-share system known as “bixi”.

But for who actually is designed the bixi? For us Montrealers! Wanting to go from point A (house) to point B (work) in 20 minutes or so.

An efficient system for the average citizen who plans to make a very short trip to get to work, go shopping, etc.

So what the $ 5 when you rent a bixi? It is simply a membership fee including only 30 minutes of riding.

For a full day rental without prefix rate,  you may end up with a bill close to $ 100 per bike and 50$ for a half day rental. Do not keep your bixi during dinner time as like a taxi, the meter runs and  very quickly after the first half hour.

So if you want to take your time to visit on two wheels our beautiful city, nothing better than our bikes. More comfortable, faster, lighter and … much cheaper ! And we include helmets, locks and our own bike path map designed for you.

Do not wait anymore!