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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I simply show up at your store to rent a bike?

Yes. We operate on a fist come first serve basis. Thanks to a rental fleet of 150 bicycles we can serve a large number of people. Despite this, we may run out of bikes on nice summer days and on days when we host groups. Therefore, we don’t guarantee the availability of equipment without a proper reservation.

Is it possible to reserve?

Yes, not only is it possible to reserve but it is recommended for rentals. Reservations are mandatory for guided tours. The low reservation fees are fully applied towards rentals. No-fee cancellation is possible with 24-hours’ notice. You can make a reservation through our website, by phoning us, by email, or in-person at our store.

What information is required to make a reservation?
  • the approximate height of each participant
  • the time of pick-up
  • Visa or MasterCard
I’m staying at a large downtown hotel. Is it possible to get our bikes directly at our hotel? Can we leave our bikes at our hotel for pick-up?

Yes, we can deliver bikes and most hotels will accept bikes on your behalf. We can pick-up bikes from your hotel. Fees of 5$ per bike, each way, apply for these services, not counting any service fees that may be appropriate for hotel doormen and concierges.

I use a 26 inches bike at home. Will you supply me with the same size of bike?

We will certainly provide you with a bike of an appropriate size. However, different types of bikes are sized differently. Therefore, it’s important that you provide us with your height, as opposed to your bike size.

What should I do in case of a flat? Mechanical problems?

Firstly, we would like you to know that serious mechanical problems are very rare: our rental fleet is renewed every year specifically to avoid this kind of problem. But, life being what it is… Each bike is equipped with a basic kit comprised of a pump, extra inner tube, and tire levers. For any other mechanical issue that would render the bike unusable, we operate a service shuttle. For people who travel outside Montreal with our bikes, we generally accept to reimburse reasonable repair expenditures upon presentation of a receipt.

What can we see close to your shop and in Montreal?

Many of Montreal’s major attractions are close to our shop: Jean-Drapeau Park, the Formula 1 racetrack, Habitat 67, the Lachine Canal…

Mont-Royal Park and the Olympic Stadium are easily reached by bike from our shop as are public markets such as the Atwater, Jean-Talon and Maisonneuve markets.

A few provincial and national parks are also within your reach by bike: Iles-de-Boucherville Park, Oka Park, the Chambly Canal.

Is it easy to get around by bike in Montreal? How can I avoid getting lost?

Montreal On Wheels supplies its clients with a detailed map of Montreal bike paths and provides advice on routes to follow and how to orient yourself.

Do you organize group activities?

Yes. We offer guided tours and bike rides for already-formed groups. And we offer individuals registrations for our “City Tour” and “Vista-Architecture” guided bike tours.

Do you limit the zone within which we can use your bikes? Can we go outside Montreal with your bicycles?

No, we don’t limit the area in which you can use our bikes. The entire island of Montreal offers some very nice rides, crossing to both the north and south shores is easy, journeys between the province of Quebec’s major cities is possible with La Route Verte, and bike transportation is possible by metro, train and bus.

Can I take my bicycle on the subway, train, bus and taxi?

Yes. The subway allows for the transportation of bikes within certain limits namely on the number of bikes per train, and with the prohibition of bringing bikes on the subway during rush hour. However, stations aren’t designed to make it easy. You should expect to have to carry your bike up and down stairs to access the platforms. The transportation of bikes is also possible on some of the suburban train lines. City buses AREN’T equipped to transport bikes. Inter-city bus and train services allow the transportation of bikes but may require that bikes be boxed. Just like any baggage over a certain limit, this can result in additional fees. Certain taxis can transport bikes, either because they’re equipped with a bike rack or because they’re of “mini-van” format. You must mention the transportation of bicycles at the moment you request a taxi. The ferry service linking Old-Montreal, Jean-Drapeau Park and Longueuil accepts bikes.

Where must I return the bikes?

Directly at our shop, at 27 rue de la Commune East, during our regular business hours, unless you’ve made prior arrangements for alternatives such as the pick-up of bikes from your hotel.

Is the bike path far from your shop? Will I need to ride in regular city streets?

We’re located directly in front of the bike path. You can use your bicycle on regular city streets but can also limit yourself to bike paths only.

Is a deposit necessary to rent a bike?

Yes and generally an official photo id card issued by a governmental authority is acceptable (passport, driver’s licence, etc.) or a pre-authorization on VISA or MasterCard for the replacement value of the equipment rented. We reserve the right to accept or refuse any identification documents. Generally, student IDs aren’t accepted as deposits.

Refunds/No-fee cancellations?

Prepayments for rental or tour reservations can be cancelled at no cost 24 hours in advance before the start of the activity. Prepaid amount are then refunded.

Can I cancel, at no cost, a tour in case of rain?

No. Bike tours depart rain or shine. You must therefore plan on some rain gear. The only exception we make to this policy is to the extent we determine that weather conditions are such that biking is dangerous (ex : intense rain and thunder showers).

Do you have bikes for kids? Can you accommodate families?

Yes, we have bicycles for kids, trail-a-bikes and trailers for the very young. For this equipment, reservations are highly recommended.

Do you supply helmets? Is wearing a helmet mandatory?

Yes, we supply helmets. For anyone aged 18 or older riding a bike in Montreal, no municipal, provincial or federal law imposes the use of a helmet. However, we strongly recommend the use of a helmet. According to provincial law, helmets are mandatory in certain circumstances for children younger than 12 year of age. Note that in the case of group activities, school-based or otherwise, your school/insurer/employer may impose the use of a helmet. If you don’t wish to wear a helmet, it is best to obtain a written exemption to this end to avoid being excluded from the group activity. Note: we strongly suggest the use of a helmet for everyone and a helmet is free with every bike rental.

What happens in the case of theft of, loss of or damage to the equipment I rent from you?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer insurance for theft, damage or lost of rental equipment. You are therefore entirely responsible for your equipment during rental time. Note that locks are included for each rental. But they cannot guaranty the protection of your equipment from bike thieves. We recommend that you keep your equipment within your sight at all times even if it is locked with a bike lock.

How much will I need to pay in case of theft, loss or damage of rental equipment?

Amounts due vary according to items rented. You will need to pay amounts according to the list displayed in-store.

Is it safe to bike in Montreal?

Some rides are entirely on bike path and are therefore very safe. There are also bike lanes and bike trails shared by cars and bikes alike. In all cases, vigilance and prudence are required.

Why rent a bike when I can use a BIXI?

Both services aren’t identical and don’t target the same usage. Just as we would use a rental car for a journey rather than a taxi, we would use a good rental bike and not a BIXI for a bike ride.

There are a number of advantages to renting one of our bikes:

  • Rental rates are capped to a daily maximum.
  • Renting more than 2 bikes with the same credit card is possible.
  • We supply helmets.
  • We have properly sized bikes for kids and offer the possibility of adding Trail-a-bikes and trailers to our regular bikes.
  • We accept reservations.